“Bang-bang-bang, reload, down,” a few of the calls that echoed at Marksman’s Nest Shooting Range on 17 November 2020, when team Yzerfontein Armed Response passed their annual security compliance shoot.

By law, all security companies that deploy officers with firearms must undergo an annual security compliance shooting test to prove their value to the communities they serve.

After being tested in the prescribed manner, the aforementioned person is still compliant with Sections 9 (2)(q), 9 (2)(r) of the Firearms Control Act in the following firearms

The security compliance test is based on the same requirement as the security business purpose qualification test, and as prescribed for the different firearm categories. It’s of utmost importance that security officers and companies armed with firearms remain operationally fit and ready for their operational task. Simply put, you must remain on a high level of competence where you’re working with firearms. As with any other skill, your firearm proficiency must be maintained and the only way you can do that is to get out of your comfort zone, reload your magazines, and get to the range for your security compliance test. Bravo Team Yzerfontein Armed Response, BRAVO!

Not only does Marksman’s Nest serve security companies, we also service the public with all firearms-related matters, which include, but aren’t limited to: firearm training, developmental training, defensive and close quarter training, motivations and amnesty-related matters. We invite security companies and private individuals to call us to assist with your annual Regulation 21 compliance testing.

Send us an email info@firearmtraining.capetown or call/Whatsapp 082 7172197, or book on our website www.firearmtraining.capetown and set up an appointment with Geoffrey Coetzee (Range Officer). We also have a very active Facebook page where you can follow our daily happenings. See you at the next security compliance test.

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