Of all the products from the R&D industry that I was privileged to test and evaluate, none quite compared to the Mantis-X.

The first item after my resignation from the military was a Kevlar bullet proof vest capable of stopping a 223/556 speeding bullet used by one of the biggest security companies in the South Africa. Things like these just seem to find me wherever I go. This is exactly what happened to me when the Mantis-X training system was introduced to me in May 2018. Although I didn’t understand what the true capability of the device posed, I knew that this is one of those things that will change the shape and size of all firearm training in the future.

Being an advanced firearm instructor, I could not imagine myself not having a device like this. This reminded me of my military days and the feeling I had being part of a developing system up to the day when that first mortar bomb was sent down the barrel, or a rocket launched in search of its destination thousands of meters away.

The Mantis-X device left me with the same feeling and in total admiration. I fitted the device on my CZ SP-01 Shadow and fired my first dry shots on 1 June 2018. I quickly learnt that the Mantis-X assesses the fundamentals of shooting at a level that I would not be able to comprehend. This was like being tested by a computer every time you get to pull the trigger, and definitely not the way I understood the fundamentals, but rather how I should teach it to my students.

In the months to come I started to understand what the fundamentals of handgun shooting were and the knowledge I had was the tip of the iceberg. As I progressed, I recalled some of my old-school military instructors shouting at me during infantry military basic training while assessing my target. I just said, yes sergeant, walking away from my target and thought how the heck would I get the next five holes closer to the target bull.

Today I understand, and say with due respect, my platoon sergeant was a hell of a shooter, but he had no idea how to transfer that expertise to the group of men that he was supposed to lead into operations. Knowing my platoon sergeant and the way he drilled us, I would have substituted him without a thought with a Mantis-X 10 Elite right there on the spot.

If you want to improve your shooting skills, I recommend that every firearm owner should own a device such as this. This is your virtual trainer with which you can practise a variety of shooting drills in the comfort of your home. The device is cost-effective, small in design and easy to maintain, and the battery life is crazy. I probably charged my own device at most five or six times in the last 12 months.

So what does the device do? In short, the Mantis-X assesses your actions milliseconds before you pull the trigger and milliseconds after the shot has broken. What happens in between is what is most important to the Mantis-X. It advises how to fix it immediately with your next shot and will continue to do so for as long as you have your device. It reports on your hold and trigger movement.

There are many different training devices and systems that can be bought off the shelf, but truly none are on par with Mantis-X. I’m saying this with much respect to every other weapon training system designer and developer out there.

The design of the device is truly light years ahead of its competitors, and will remain ahead. As an advanced firearm instructor who wasn’t too bad before using the Mantis-X, I rose to the top of my game and my shooting skill has improved with 20-25%. I’m more stable and conscious with every bullet I send down the barrel. I’m obsessed with my Mantis-X, and you’ll also be once you open your own box with a Mantis-X device inside.

Visit www.mantisx.com or give Geoffrey a call at Marksman’s Nest Cape Town (www.marksmansnest.co.za ), to get a full introduction and demonstration of the device. Order your device from us and it gets delivered to your doorstep within 72 hours, providing we have stock on hand. Order this superior training system today.
– by Geoffrey Coetzee

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