There’s so much to love about being on the shooting range. Marksman’s Nest shooting range more specifically. There’s the atmosphere, the noise, the smell of smoke hanging in the air: all signalling that you’re having a good time.

Plus, going to the shooting range regularly can improve your accuracy tremendously. Better yet, you’re left with a feeling of having done more than just wearing out your trigger finger. You were having fun, while also gaining a feeling of success.

What to practise while at the shooting range
1. Ensuring that your scope or iron sights are properly zeroed is a good place to start. Otherwise, where’s the fun if you can’t hit your target? It’s a key discipline to zero your gun with the correct ammo at 100 metres. It’s also important to know how that shot will change at different distances.

2. Practise various positions, such as using a strap to hold steady instead of a rest, or shooting kneeling instead of sitting down. The shooting range is the best place to learn where your gun is going to miss when adjustments as described occur. Practise shooting kneeling, standing up, sitting and any other position that you might use on a hunt so that you’ll know the different ways your gun will react.

At the end of the day it’s down to personal preference. But here at Marksman’s Nest shooting range you have the time to try out various stances and distances to determine what works for you.

3. Concentrate on the mental aspect of shooting. This applies specifically to huntsman. Focus on the whole process. This means taking longer on each shot, maybe getting up and walking around after taking a shot, resighting each time, and concentrating on your breathing.

A good tip is to treat each shot as if it’s the only one you have. The advantage on the shooting range is that you have time to warm up. On a hunt you don’t.

So do try to make every shot count at the shooting range.

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